A Note From Our Founding Editor | Welcoming 2016 Here At The Fount Collective

January 12, 2016

                                                                                  Image Photographed by Magnolia Adam's Photography                                                                                   Image Photographed by Magnolia Adam’s Photography

Welcome to a fresh start. No, there’s nothing magical about January 1st (as our friend Lara Casey often mentions) but here at Fount we are taking some time to really RESET. We have been taking a look at what went really well for us in the past year, and what we would love to see go better in this next one ahead. So many wonderful things happened for us in 2015.

  • Fount began to step into her identity- her shoes, so to speak- a bit more and narrow her focus closer to the heartbeat of which she was founded.
  • We launched a new website, with a more thoughtful layout and more polished brand design.
  • We launched a small stock of three printed publications- Volume 01, 02, and 03- sold internationally around the world, and are all but a handful sold out.
  • We featured the work of incredibly talented photographers, and began to feature the words and stories of some incredible mothers.
  • We hosted a successful, sold out workshop last Spring, and registration for our 2016 Workshop sold out in a matter of weeks this past Fall.
  • We added an intern team member to help curate submissions more efficiently. 
  • We began to make the transition of forming a community for motherhood photographers, into creating a community and movement that celebrates that art of being a mother itself. 

I hustled on the fuel of a whole lot of heart in 2015. And while my passion for this mission has not lessened in the least, I am really wanting to see 2016 be a year of intentional growth for The Fount Collective- through the most careful & thoughtful planning, wisely executed decisions, commitment to this community of mothers and creatives, and an overall resolve to do this business WELL.

As the founding editor, I have bigger, more terrifyingly huge dreams for Fount than I have ever had for any other venture before. It’s overwhelming at times because I’m not an expert at managing a successful submission blog, or publishing professional, beautifully printed magazines. No, I am not an expert at these things at all. But I am so, so passionate about what Fount was built on- that motherhood is this indescribably beautiful, deep wellspring- that it deserves to be celebrated for the daily devotion it demands. To provide a space where women find hope & healing in powerfully moving stories of family, adoption, fertility triumphs, and the vulnerable honesty that lies in the waiting. A space where mothers find community in the messy and in the beautiful.

When I begin to feel as though I myself am not enough to see this dream grow, I am reminded of why Fount launched in the first place. And that it’s truly not about me at all, giving those doubts & insecurities no home to grow roots. 

When I first started Fount, the idea of motherhood photography didn’t really exist. There were newborn photographers, and children & family photographers- but I remember how difficult I found it to explain that I didn’t want to feature images of only children or babies, but that it was more about the mother for us. I found it to be almost a foreign concept to market. In the absence of the number of daily submissions we now receive, I often had to use my own images throughout the website and branding as we tried to get the word out about who we were.

In the learning process of building a new brand, we tried new things. Some of these things worked, and some we would discover really didn’t fit our mission at all- which led to a lot of change that first year of existence. It’s difficult to build trust with your following, or a thriving community when there is a lot of change. I learned a lot of things the hard way, and to be honest, let a number of small confrontations and hurtful words push me to disappear behind the curtain. I decided I didn’t as much as want my own name on Fount’s website, and even treated myself like just another speaker at our workshop- not the host or the one who was running it. I began to approach the title of “Founding Editor” with fear and hesitation, instead of the healthy communication and personal connection it could provide this community.

It won’t be like this in 2016. The dreams are just too big to stay behind the curtain. I am going to need you to see my face, read my words, and hear my heart. I am going to need you to believe in this vision as much as I do. 

Last summer, after a season of working diligently to launch a new printed publication each quarter, we decided that an Annual Publication would be a better fit for Fount, allowing us the room to produce the most meaningful content we were so desiring to put in your hands. In order to do this as well as I envisioned, we needed to make some major changes. This has created a bit of uncertainty in announcing a date that print submissions would again open, as we have been taking time to research the different directions we could take. I apologize for any frustration this may have caused, as many of you have been collecting your best work to submit for an exclusive feature. We are so honored and humbled that you would do so. However, the last thing we wanted to do is accept submissions and be faced with a significant printing delay, so we have kept quiet as we have busily brainstormed. Know that we have not given up, nor forgotten. As I mentioned above, it is our deepest desire to do things WELL at Fount this year, and sometimes WELL doesn’t equal FIRST or FAST.

Our workshop registration blew us away this fall as attendee spots filled in just weeks. We are planning some brand new educational opportunities this year, and can’t wait to release details when they are ready. Our email subscribers will be the first to know when that information becomes available.

I am so grateful for each one of you, and am so excited for the year ahead!

Tiffany Farley
Founding Editor of The Fount Collective

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