Leading Through Life’s Journey | Photography by Lilli Kad

April 27, 2016

“This photographic experience was so beautiful. I approached Kerstin a couple of days before asking if she was free for a sunrise shoot down at Balmoral while I was in Sydney. Kerstin took some photos of me when I was 12 weeks pregnant and I love the way her talent allows her to capture her subjects so naturally as she infuses an ethereal feel to her photography. I wanted to get some pictures of Romeo and me.  At four months of age he has just started to become really interactive and I wanted someone who knew us to capture these deeply personal moments.

“Motherhood…. it means absolutely everything to me. I led a very full and busy life before the birth of Romeo and had the privilege of being apart of exceptional experiences throughout my career. When I found out I was pregnant I felt very ready for a baby and whilst I am still working on the balance between my own business and being a mother, I truly love my new life and everything that Romeo has bought to it. I think the most beautiful thing about being a parent, whether you are a mother or father, is that you can just look at this beautiful little creation and lead them and help them through life’s journey. I really enjoy being the ‘teacher’ now, educating Romeo about life from reading to him in the bath, playing with him on the lounge room floor or calming him when he is irritable or over tired. I think its particularly special for women because as mothers you have grown and carried this little being inside you and the bond is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Romeo feels more apart of me than any physical element of my body. I feel our souls are one. Now that I have him, I feel I must have been waiting for his arrival my whole life. Motherhood is magic.” Kate, Mother

“The iconic Balmoral Beach in Sydney was a natural choice for this sunrise session.  It is a place of affection for both Kate and myself as it is our local playground and a beach that we have frequented for years.  I have always had a huge respect for Kate and her entrepreneurial nature. That respect is now more then ever, as she is juggling being a mother to Romeo, her new 5 month old son, and building and managing Australia’s newest edition to the bridal circuit, The Wedding Showcase. Her new venture is dedicated to taking couples on a journey of luxurious experiences in the lead up to their big day.

The biggest bonus on photographing parents with their children, is that it is the easiest way to get a natural honest reaction from them. Inhibitions of being in front of the camera are being replaced by trying to interact with the little ones. Off duty, O’Shea epitomizes a beach loving, earth mamma. We have always had very similar style and taste, so this very low key and natural shoot was very enjoyable for both of us.”  Kerstin, Photographer 

LILLI KAD PHOTOGRAPHY | Canon 5Diii, 85mm 1.2

Additional Vendors: Model: Kate O’Shea                                                                       Gown: Steven Khalil 

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