Crafting Beautiful Relationships | Photography by Betsy Blue

June 6, 2016

“As a mom and interior designer, I have used numerous glass cloches over the years as a way to neatly display the latest batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, blush pink paper flowers from my daughters or simply as way to display collectibles. Every season I change out my what is being displayed in my collection of cloches to lend a more “seasonal” detail to my own home. 

While I love to be spontaneous with my children, I also value planning intentional time with my girls (Amelia 5, Isabella 11 and Sienna 14). It brings me such joy to watch my girls play in the woods searching for wispy foliage to use in their cloches. Each girl is so different in the selections they make. One may choose a handful of moss while the other is breaking off a branch to tuck away under their cloche. It is a way for us to connect with nature, inspire our creative minds and enjoy the time we have together as a mother and daughters. It also allows me to share my passion of design with my girls by giving them the opportunity to dream up something organic and express their own version of something beautiful.

I savor these precious moments and know each opportunity I get to share or inspire them is a gift I will keep forever.” Terri, Mother

BETSY BLUE PHOTOGRAPHYContax 645, Zeiss 80mm, Fuji 400h

Additional Vendors:  Stylist:  Allure with Decor 
Cupcakes:  Mrs Cards Cakes 
Silk Ribbon: Stella Wolfe
Girl’s Wardrobe: Joyfolie
Cakestands:  Restoration Hardware                                                                                          Film Processed by:  Photovision

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