Serenity and Happiness | Photography by Lauren Kinsey

June 7, 2016

“I met Lauren a couple years ago while working on a wedding in Holly Springs, MS. I am the floral designer for TULIP Floral, and she was the photographer. I was thrilled when I learned she would be shooting the wedding as I was already a huge fan of her work. I mean… how could I not be? Her work is so real. By real, I mean you can actually feel the emotions while looking through her images. The way she captures the light and the feeling in each image is such a gift. After working with her on that wedding and getting to witness her open, humble, kind personality, I knew I wanted her to shoot my family and me. We vacation at the beach near where she lives so she was the perfect choice for us!

During the shoot, she made us feel so comfortable. They way she engaged with the kids and made them smile and laugh made the shoot so much easier. Let’s face it, family photos are so stressful! You worry about the weather, what to wear, what your kids behavior will be like. She actually made it fun for us. The locations at the beach she chose and the time of day was perfect.

The beach is such an important place for us. We spend as much time there as a family as we can. It is our place of serenity, happiness, and togetherness. We are happiest while we are in Seaside and we hope that this will be a place that we continue to come as our children grow older and have kids of their own. That’s why it was so important for us to have family photos taken there. Lauren captured us in such an authentic way. We will enjoy these photos and the beach for a lifetime. Looking at these images brings us so much joy. We plan on making family photos at the beach a yearly tradition. I am smiling just thinking about looking through them when we are old and grey. Thank you Lauren for capturing the most important moments.”  Lesley, Mother



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