Choosing Joy | Photography by Carolyn Bentum

June 10, 2016

“Karina is one of my dearest friends, a fellow teller of beautiful love stories and one of the most happy people I know. Her personality is bright and colourful and the word joyful would have been a word I would have used to describe her at the start of their becoming a family of three journey and throughout; even when she was having to choose joy instead of experiencing it as a result of something exceptionally good. She has inspired me to see beyond my current circumstances and not allow them to influence the state of my heart; to choose joy and love and look for them in the everyday.

Photographing motherhood is fulfilling to me because I believe the relationship, role and tasks of a mother matter are central in a family. Having photographs that highlight this isn’t done simply for pleasure or for show; but I believe that such photographs will be a memoir for the family in the future. After decades have passed and grandchildren pull out these photographs, they will not only see maternal love represented there, but they will be able to feel it and be inspired to love greatly because of it.”  Carolyn, Photographer

“After what felt like an eternity waiting to get pregnant and stay pregnant, it was finally here and our turn. Everything happens in God’s timing and these photos are a celebration after a long time of waiting. It was so special having each stage photographed. It will be so wonderful when our daughter is older and we can share these photos with her so she can see how much she was truly loved and wanted before we even knew and held her!

Three years may not seem like a long time as many people struggle for much longer, however, it can be difficult when you do not know of an end in sight. As time marches on as well as other people’s lives around you, you feel like you are being ‘lapped’ when people are having 2 and 3 children to your zero. 

In our three years we had two miscarriages, surgery and fertility treatments which finally led to a successful outcome. 

In the meantime I struggled with many different emotions; anger, jealousy, frustration and bitterness which lead me to become a person I was not proud of.

I came across a blog of a woman suffering with infertility issues in which she shared of her perspective of choosing joy. At this point in our journey I knew I had to change. There was purpose behind our waiting but at the time I could not see it. My husband and I needed time to change, understand patience, lean more on each other and God, and of course to realize that God’s timing is truly best.

We discovered that no matter how hard we planned, everything happens in God’s timing. We learned that we may not be able to plan how our lives are going to go, but we can adjust our attitudes in the wait. We learned to choose joy. With a perspective change our journey became a little easier. When people announced their pregnancy to us, we chose joy. When we had to buy baby gifts for friends, we chose joy. When another round of fertility treatments was unsuccessful, we chose joy. After three years it was our turn. It was so worth the wait. I would not have changed our journey to get here. Looking back we needed this time to prepare our hearts, faith and lives for our little girl. Now we hold our sweet Olivia Joy and realize God’s timing is best.”  Karina, Mother

CAROLYN BENTUM PHOTOGRAPHY |  Canon 5D Mark iii; 50mm 1.2; 35mm 1.4; Canon EOS 3; Fuji 400h

Additional Vendors:  Dresses:  Pink Blush Maternity 

  1. Ida Clark says:

    What beautiful pictures and even more beautiful people.
    May God continue to bless your lives as you continue on your journey.

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