Grace, Goodness and Trust | Photography by Ashley Cox

June 24, 2016

“Doing this photo session was an amazing experience. I have wanted to  capture this unique period in my life and doing a maternity shoot is a beautiful way to preserve some of the memories of this time. I love being outdoors and taking these photos made me so thrilled to think about enjoying the outdoors with my new little one!

To be honest motherhood is a complicated thing – even at this stage of being pregnant it is full of unknowns and uncontrollable factors. I find that this journey has been all about trust – trust that there is a baby there in those first weeks when you see and feel nothing. Trust that things are going well with the little one growing inside. And trust that your baby will arrive safely- and you will make it through delivery some how! It is also about sacrifice – to be pregnant is to give of your life to make another life possible – and that is a beautiful, though at times painful, thing. There is hope that grace and goodness will be born out of this time of unknowns and waiting.” Elizabeth, Expectant Mother

“Elizabeth has been a dear friend of mine for years and it was such an honor and a joy to be able to capture some portraits during her first pregnancy. We started the session in her home, hoping to capture the anticipation of what the journey to come with simple black and white portraits. We ended the session in a beautiful field at sunset. Elizabeth was barefoot, with flowers in her hair and taking in the beauty of the outdoors. This scene is how I imagine Elizabeth and we wanted to capture that, even as she becomes a mother. We wanted these portraits to be something her children can look back at and see a glimpse of who she was at age 26. I’ve wished many times I had portraits of my mother during her pregnancy with me. Needles to say, this session is so dear to my heart.” Ashley, Photographer

ASHLEY COX PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645 + 80mm Zeiss lens + Portra 400 + Portra 800 + Ilford 3200, Nikon D3
Hair: Brianna B. Adams
Jewelry: Elaine B Jewelry
Flowers:  Hedge Fine Blooms
Film Processed By: Richard Photo Lab

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