A Profound Beauty | Photography by Alicia Lacey

June 30, 2016

“There is something about motherhood that creates a quite confidence in the women that it so gently blesses. A profound beauty and sense of self naturally fills her face in a manner that cannot be recreated by man. As she prepares for this new phase in her life, she takes some time to reflect on the journey that brought her to this moment and looks ahead to the changes that are near. I have heard it said that there is no bond in the world stronger than a mother to her child and I think that is clear in these images. Although her beautiful boy has not yet made an appearance, their connection is deep; she knows his every movement, as he too knows hers. And in this moment alone, yet together, they are one.” Alicia, Photographer

ALICIA LACEY PHOTOGRAPHY |  Pentax 645N, 75mm FA, Fuji 400H
Styling:  Lacy Geary
Venue: RiverOaks
Dress:  Lost in Linen
Hair & Makeup:  MiKel Rumsey
Film processed by: Photovision Lab
Photographed at the Belle Lumiere Workshop

  1. Alicia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Annwells gorgeous motherhood session!

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