MinErbs | A Newborn Bundle Giveaway

July 27, 2016

We are so thrilled to share a beautiful giveaway in the Fount Community today! We came across MinErbs on Instagram, and instantly fell in love with their vision to offer meaningful, hand-crafted products for mother & child. Using local or ethically sourced ingredients, their nature based product line is utterly swoon worthy. Their newborn bundle is a perfect baby shower gift, a sweet package to send to a new mama, or simply a luxurious staple to stock your baby’s nursery with.

The Newborn Bundle includes:

– Baby Butter  (4 oz)

– Baby Powder  (4 oz)

– Bum Balm  (1 oz)

– Gentle Bar Soap  (4 oz)

– Deer Teether

You can read more about the details of the ingredients used on their website HERE. We are very excited to share that MinErbs has decided to GIVEAWAY a Newborn Bundle! Head on over to our Instagram (@thefountcollective) to enter!

A SPECIAL NOTE FROM MIN ERBS: “As you might notice, teaching our little ones in the matters of herbal product making is part of our family business; However, be assured that the playfulness seen in the above feature, was only to create these images during the photo shoot. When producing the products we sell, we adhere to stringent standards for proper handling, cleanliness, storing, and processing of all ingredients.”

Photography: Laura Nelson

Aprons: Portland Apron Company

Hand Carved Wooden Spoon: Polder’s Old World Market

Hand Carved Wood Tray: Laine & Layne

White T-shirt: Roolee Boutique

Do you offer a product that you would love to see us feature & share with our community? Please email hello@thefountcollective.com for consideration. 

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