Truly Sweet | By Golden Veil Photography, as Published in Volume 03

August 1, 2016

“Witnessing motherhood has always held a bit of magic for me. There is nothing like the fierce yet gentle love of a mother for her children. As I’ve grown older and learned to fully appreciate the relationship between my own mother and myself, I have found something especially powerful in the photographing of mothers and their daughters.

In planning this shoot, my foremost goal was to create a collection of images that truly showed all the little things that exist between a mother and her daughter, the things that most ordinary photos might not reveal. Lindsey and her daughter Alivia were such a perfect fit, and their bond was one of the most patient and soft that I have seen. Aligning all the components that would compose the images was very important in order for the photographs to show their relationship with honesty and beauty.

The location for this shoot was chosen for its simplicity and soft colors, so that Lindsey and Alivia would clearly stand out and be an immediate focal point for the viewer. Shooting with a Contax 645 and Fuji 400h Pro, the images were backlighted with the sun setting behind a light covering of clouds and then exposed for the shadow.  The combination of the soft light and quality of Fuji film allowed the images to emulate the softness and warmth between them. It was also key that their wardrobe was not only in line with the location and color scheme, but also that it mirrored the relationship in its delicate and soothing characteristics. As such, Lindsey wore a flowing sheer gown with a light floral pattern and Alivia wore a capped sleeve, pastel floral patterned dress and also a simple white cotton dress.

Letting their relationship take center stage, I had them play as they normally would. Alivia’s joy at having a hat to wear was met with her mother telling her how wonderful it was and followed by asking for a kiss. These were things that would happen had I been present or not and I adored that. I believe those subtle moments are what make life truly sweet and am reminded of a quote once read from Tyler Knott Gregson, ‘I had no idea it would be this much. I had no idea I could handle it. I had no idea how beautiful it all actually is.’ ” – Golden Veil Photography.

GOLDEN VEIL PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, Fuji400h
Film Processing by Richard Photo Lab,
Hair and Makeup by Kylie Wood
Flower Crowns by Crabapple Floral.

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