This Season of Three | Photography by Hannah Mann

August 17, 2016

“Counting down the days to becoming a family of four brings many thoughts and emotions as a mother. I realized as my daughter gets older she would likely never remember a time when her brother wasn’t around. A time when she was my only child. It was strange to think that my husband and I will forever remember and cherish the two years we had that were devoted to one-on-one time with her, but she would not. It’s through these precious pictures that we will forever be able to remember this time of a sweet family of three. Frozen moments that will never be again and frozen moments of how our life was about to become even more full and amazing than we could ever imagine.

Getting married and having a best friend by my side made me feel stronger because I had a rock and supporter. I had no idea motherhood would bring an even greater strength. From almost the beginning of pregnancy it hit me like a truck. My second pregnancy was full of nausea, aches, fatigue, pelvic pain and overall discomfort, but you don’t look back because you feel this little person growing inside you. I’ll never forget all those not-so-little kicks and turns that only I could feel inside. Through all the crazy, it doesn’t take long for this little baby to make it all worth it and then some. The love that grows as your baby grows can be overwhelming. Somehow even on the most miserable of pregnancy days you somehow conjure up the strength to take care of your first child and take care of your growing baby. Loving someone the way I love my little girl and now my son is overwhelming, and the mama bear strength to protect, teach and love them is just beyond.” Tenaya, Expectant Mother

“I first photographed the Wickstrand family last fall, just days after they found out they were expecting their second little one. It was such a joy to meet up recently as they get closer to welcoming their little one for these maternity photos, and to capture the excitement they were feeling as they waited on their little boy to arrive. Tenaya is one of my clients who truly shares my vision for every session – like me, she values the photographs that tell their family’s story and preserve the season of life that they are in. Because we share this vision, photographing her family is a dream! Each of our sessions has been so relaxed and completely stress-free. I’m so looking forward to their newborn session this month!

Motherhood is so full of ups and downs, hard work, and sacrifice. At least for me, it’s easy to get lost in the day to day demands. Taking time to photograph a family is a way of reminding all of us to slow down, step back, and look at the beautiful parts of motherhood – the love, the snuggles, the giggles, the fun. In the end, that’s what we will all remember the most, but in the moment, we often must choose to focus on it. Truly embracing and enjoying motherhood is a choice and an effort.”  Hannah, Photographer

HANNAH MANN PHOTOGRAPHY | Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 85mm 1.8

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