Anticipating the Journey Ahead | Photography by Ashley Relvas

September 2, 2016

“We wanted to capture the start of our growing family. As with many other life events, we realized that our first pregnancy would go by very quickly so we took the opportunity to photograph our new normal: my growing belly, baby’s big brother, Winston, and our looks as first time parents anticipating our baby’s big arrival. To sum up this experience, it was simply magical. It had been raining all month, even right up until our photo shoot. Then the clouds cleared and the sun came out accompanied by the much needed wind to cool us down.

As a first time mom-to-be, I am still processing what motherhood means to me. I can only envision the kind of mom I hope to be from having my own mom as a role model. In many ways, I anticipate that I will learn from my child just as much as I hope to teach him or her about life and love. There is no specific guideline on how to be the “perfect” mother so I acknowledge that there will be harder days than others and times when I feel like I have failed, but through it all I will always strive to do my best. I’m prepared for motherhood to change me for the better, to allow me to be more patient, and to expand my horizons in ways I cannot even imagine. With that said, what I look forward to the most is being able to grow my love and connection with our baby through this amazing journey ahead of us.”  Alice, Expectant Mother

“Photographing motherhood has taken on a whole new meaning for me after becoming a mother myself just about a year ago. Becoming pregnant and having children are such immense gifts in this life that are often taken for granted. To be able to preserve memories of such a special time for others is something I am thankful for. Your first pregnancy is such a special and unique experience that you will never have again and I don’t think you truly realize just how much so until your little one arrives. Often as women, when we become pregnant the first time, it is easy to focus on the negatives of how our body is changing or how we feel and look, while we should be embracing the beautiful changes that are happening to us to give life to another. Capturing this amazing time of anticipation in a mothers (and husbands) life brings me joy to help show them how beautiful this thing they are doing is. – Ashley, Photographer


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