An Indescribable Journey | Photography by Shannon Moffit

September 9, 2016

“We met and currently reside near the oceanfront in Virginia Beach and wanted to capture this moment in our everyday environment, where we would also be raising our daughter. She was due July 4th, so I wore a flower crown with red, white, and blue flowers to celebrate the occasion!

Having these images was important to me because I wanted to capture the beginning of our greatest life adventure together as a keepsake for us to always look back on. It was, for us, a celebration of this life we were bringing into the world. Also, pregnancy is truly a beautiful experience but at the same time the physical changes were taxing on my body. I felt exhausted and a little self conscious by these changes. However, during this session, I never felt more beautiful!

It’s hard to put into just words all that motherhood means to me. It truly is one of life’s greatest gifts. My husband and I struggled with conception and it wasn’t until after a year of trying that we found out we were finally expecting. It was one of the more challenging moments for us in our marriage and yet I fully believe helped strengthen it to prepare us for this journey. Now, that our daughter is nearly a week old, I can honestly say that it also prepared us for one of life’s greatest challenges. Yet, through the exhaustion and the difficulty at understanding our newborn’s needs at times, there’s something so magical and emotionally indescribable about many moments, like seeing her grin from ear to ear as she sleeps or feeling her tiny hand grip my finger while she feeds. Motherhood is challenging but certainly the most rewarding thing about my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”  Nikki, New Mother

“As I reminisce about my own pregnancy three years ago, I can’t help but remember how different my life became only a few weeks after that 37-week marker; having a baby was one of the most exciting and life-changing events in my life. It is not often I get to photograph a mama-to-be at 37 weeks pregnant, so I particularly enjoyed this session. They are only weeks away from embarking on this new life journey, so it was refreshing to experience such joy and anticipation with them and see the excitement in their eyes!” Shannon, Photographer

Florals:  Roost Flowers 

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