Indescribable | Photography by Diana McGregor

September 12, 2016

“From the moment I found out I was pregnant with our son, I felt an instant fulfillment. I’ve always felt that I was meant to be a mother. It’s something my husband and I had dreamt about since we met. Our three years of marriage has been a time of growth and love. We’ve experienced so much of life in such a short time and starting a family was next on our list. Time is an interesting thing, it brings challenges and celebration, sometimes flooding in all at once. The past year has been a rough one for my family, so when my husband and I got pregnant, we were ready for a bright spot. God truly has perfect timing. Our pregnancy was emotional and somewhat draining, but trusting in God’s faithful plan kept us going.

I feel incredibly blessed to hold my baby in my arms, to see him smile, and to know he is ours. The name Noah means comfort and rest, which is exactly what he has brought into our hearts. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and yet, so strong. He gives me strength I didn’t know I had and soothes my soul. Taking on this role as mama often times feels surreal. The day to day has an entirely new purpose. Amidst, undoubtedly, the most trying time of our lives, we’ve been able to experience the most beautiful gift in the world.

Witnessing my husband become a father and seeing him nurture our son has given me a whole new outlook on life. This love is indescribable. We are so grateful for this stage of life and I am over the moon that Diana was able to capture, so beautifully, the beginning of our family. The way she captured a moment in time that is so pure and honest blew me away. This journey into motherhood has overwhelmed me with joy and continues to shape me each day. I look at our baby and think “how could I ever do life without you?”. These moments are what I live for and everything I dreamed they would be.”  Hannah, Mother

DIANA MCGREGOR PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, Zeiss 80mm, Fuji 400, Porta 800, Illford 3200

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