Nothing Could Compare | Photography by Katrina Barrow

September 13, 2016

“I was chosen. I was chosen to embark on the most rewarding journey, motherhood. The gift of motherhood is a privilege and has filled my soul with joy. I have never felt so beautiful and confident as when I am carrying our unborn children. As I reflect on this phenomenal experience, I pause and think how my children are my greatest accomplishments. With every transitory moment, I become elated with the vision of who they will become. Our days and nights seem shorter, and our love is all consuming. The words love, adore, and beautiful, pale in comparison to how I feel and describe my dearest babies. Any prayer or dream I could ever conceptualize could not compare to the reality of feeling her heartbeat inside me and his tiny hand wrapped around me, searching for her touch. I live the most beautiful dream I could have ever imagined. Every moment I am humbled, blessed, and thankful to have been chosen and deemed worthy of living this wondrous experience.

When it came to immortalizing these moments there was not a better choice than my childhood best friend, Katrina. As a transplanted Southern woman living in Europe, it was important to return home to capture on film the essence of my pregnancy. The strength that is reflected from the dark rocks and the calm flow of the waves bring me peace. I wanted these feelings to extend within me, to share my home, with my unborn baby.” Jessica, Expectant Mother

KATRINA BARROW PHOTOGRAPHYCanon 5D Mark ii, 85mm 1.8, 35mm 1.2

  1. jessica says:

    these are gorgeous. would anyone be able to tell me where the lace pieces are from? thanks!

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