In The Cotton Fields | Photography by Leanne Vice

September 20, 2016

“I have known Allyson for a long time. When we first met we were teenagers. Her husband and mine are stepbrothers, and I am not quite sure what that makes us to each other by Math and English, but I consider her a sister and a friend.

Allyson is an extremely caring person. She contacted me wanting maternity photographs and I was more than happy to make the drive to Georgia for her, and I have proudly made it another two times since to document milestones for their family. Her baby boy is here now, and she and her husband Dallas are the best parents. They absolutely adore their son Dalton.

She told me that the location was a cotton field, but I wasn’t expecting what I saw when we pulled up. It was massive, going on endlessly, and the slightly overcast weather turned the mountain ridge in the background the most beautiful blue/grey that by chance coordinated perfectly with their outfits…

…Cotton fields are a dream for photographers. The white and brown are a great neutral backdrop, the cotton adds amazing texture, and the little white puffs fade into the background in the most magical way. This field was one of the more incredible ones I have ever seen. We photographed this whole session on film and I couldn’t be happier with how the images came out.

I find photographing motherhood fulfilling because I get to see that which people often don’t, and document the connection, emotion, and experience of being a mother with images. Those are the parts that you don’t realize are happening during the day-to-day, and documenting them with photography is a way I can turn a mirror to moms and show them a portrait of themselves and what they’ve made. At times motherhood can be thankless. So much of your life is spent doing things nobody sees but your children and it seems like your whole identity is “Somebody’s Mom”. Hopefully the mothers I photograph see what I see: that life is such a miracle, they truly are in the midst of a pretty amazing time, that they are beautiful and they are doing a great job.”  Leanne, Photographer

LEANNE VICE PHOTOGRAPHY | Hasselblad H1, 100mm f2.2, Fuji 400h
Film Processed By:  The Find Lab

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