Couldn’t Ask For Anything More | Photography by Katie Rivera

October 31, 2016

“Motherhood is the greatest gift a human can experience. As a mother you experience a love coming from the depths of your being that you never knew was there or that your heart had the capacity to hold such a deep love.  For me, motherhood is selflessness so you can watch your child be all that they were created and molded to be. There is no experience like the joy and love that comes to you when seeing your child for the first time!  Sleepless nights, extra laundry, bottle-washings, diaper changes, and more pile up, but you wouldn’t trade those away for the world because they mean that you get to be a mom to this child you love so dearly!

It’s humbling when their innocence, purity, and faith remind you of what’s really important about how to live. Children are reflections of yourself, and at the same time this beautiful unique child was designed for a purpose beyond just being a member of your family. Being a mother makes you become a better person by pushing and testing your limits to trust yourself and your role. Sometimes it seems that a lot of women think that motherhood causes you to “lose yourself”.  I thought I would miss the freedom of not being a mom and that my life might just get harder, but I was so wrong! I haven’t lost myself, I have found myself and my true purpose.  It has only made life more beautiful and you become motivated out of love to press through the harder times. There is no greater seat in the house than to be on the front row of watching your child grow, learn, and take new steps in life each day!

The journey to the first moment of holding my son and surviving those first few weeks of a newborn was not easy.  During the first trimester, I was sick several times a day, experienced gallbladder problems and had to begin a new dietary plan.  Once the day came for our precious boy to arrive, I labored for thirty-six hours, only to have a c-section and then develop a life threatening infection.  On top of those difficulties, a gallbladder surgery was necessary as well as having a cancer scare and needing a home nurse for six weeks.  All of that was so worth having this sweet baby and discovering a strength I didn’t know I had.  I love being a mom and a wife and couldn’t ask for anything more than the gift of my family.”  Savannah, Mother

Film Processed by: The Find Lab

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