Nestled In Their Hearts | Photography by Michelle Lange

November 1, 2016

“Since the moment I saw that positive sign, everything felt so different – just so complete, like everything was right and the way it was meant to be. The moment our sweet baby girl came into the world, my heart just filled up so much I thought it would burst. Motherhood is being someone’s whole world, and it’s wild because I know we are the whole world to her – but she’s the whole world to us. Everyone tells you it’s a completely different type of love and you don’t really understand it, but then she was here and I knew – it was such a perfectly overwhelming love that I never experienced before and never knew I was even capable of. She truly is my everything.” Katelyn, the Mother

“It’s such a bittersweet feeling seeing my baby girl grow – it’s so exciting to see her learning and getting bigger while at the same time I just want to press the pause button on life and hold on to her at this time forever. These photos mean so much to us because every time we look at them we reminisce how we felt being brand new parents, just learning and getting to know our sweet little girl – that excitement, wonder, and endless love which just continues to grow each day.” Katelyn, the Mother

“This in-home newborn session nestled among the skyscrapers of NYC was both intimate and welcoming. A glimpse into a warm hearted family welcoming their first child into their lives. I have never felt so at peace while shooting a session. Mom and dad had just as much of a connection with each other as they did with their little girl.” Michelle, Photographer

MICHELLE LANGE PHOTOGRAPHYPentax 645nii with 75 2.8 – Portra 400,
Nikon D800 with 58 1.4

  1. Jordan S says:

    Where I a her long dress from ???? Beautiful photos

  2. Nicole says:

    Where did you get your robe and dress?
    Thank you

  3. Kim says:

    First of all, GORGEOUS portraits!!

    Can you find out where both her robe and dress are from? They’re beautiful and timeless!

  4. Neli Mottey says:

    Where is the dress from?

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