Their Own Haven | Photography by Kelly Sweet

November 3, 2016

“Elise and Kenny were married in Michigan, but live in Texas. Growing up, Elise spent her summers in Grand Haven so it is very special to her.  She and Kenny were planning a trip to Grand Haven and while there, they wanted to do their maternity photos. Elise reached out to the wedding planner she worked with for her wedding, asking for a photographer referral for her maternity photos and I was referred. I’m so happy I was because I absolutely loved meeting, getting to know, and photographing this couple. They are so in love and I could see their excitement when they talked about their first baby, the name they had chosen for him, and the plans they were making.

I have never carried a baby in my belly so I am always intrigued by it and love to chat with first time moms-to-be about what they are experiencing and feeling. I always expect to see some nervousness in them about the labor or the coming changes in their life, but I find that I always see loads of excitement and very little anxiety. Pregnancy is a thing of beauty and I love capturing the love and wonder pregnant women have when looking at and touching their pregnant bellies. Some women are only pregnant once or twice in their lives and beautifully documenting that moment in their lives is important. I love being the person that will capture these special moments and I also love knowing that the baby in the mothers belly will one day be looking at my photographs. Everything about photographing motherhood makes me happy and I always walk away from a session smiling.”  Kelly, Photographer


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