The Beauty of It All | Photography by Hazel and Haze

November 10, 2016

“The emotions of becoming a mother are overwhelmingly raw and beautiful. Some days, the sun shines brightly, while other days can get messy. From fertility triumphs to perfectly planning a first birthday and from reading a positive pregnancy test to watching your body transform, motherhood changes you.  You recognize strengths that you weren’t sure existed. You learn that your fears are different than they once were. And above all, you experience the purest love – an indescribable love.

For Kacey, she felt all of these emotions and more.  She is the epitome of beautiful – her welcoming personality, confidence and effortless style made me whisper to myself, “Oh to be friends with someone like her!” She and I first met while attending a collaborative photography workshop in Jenks, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa.

During this chilly winter workshop, she announced that she was nearly 11 weeks pregnant, awaiting her and her husband’s third child. We instantly connected over our mutual love for photography. She told stories of her two beautiful girls, while I gushed over my sweet five week old babe.

Fast forward to six months later. We found ourselves together again at a workshop. This time instead of her behind the camera lens, Kacey was a model – a glowing mama-to-be. The serene scene was set on 44-acres of Spain Ranch, a breathtaking backdrop with a simple white barn and mature oak trees that were loving the sunshine of summer.  She posed with elegance in the most timeless dress. And her contagious smile? Yes, it was there to stay.”  Angela, Photographer

“I’ve enjoyed all three of my pregnancies immensely, but I celebrated this one differently.  I prepared for the delivery much more purposefully this time.  It wasn’t because this baby was any more special or because it was easier. Mostly it was because my comfort level with my pregnant body was such that I wanted to document the beauty of it all before nine months slipped through my fingers. My husband, my girls and I spent hours asking questions about him before he was born. We prayed for him and imagined what he would be like. Now that he is here, I’m so thankful that I didn’t take one single precious moment of pregnancy for granted.”  Kacey, Expectant Mother

Nine months went quickly for Kacey, and sweet baby William was born at the end of August. He was strong and courageous, just like his mother. 

Florist:  EverSomething Event Styling + Floral Design
Hair Stylist (for Kacey):  Kelsi Downey
Dress (for Kacey):  Hatch Collection
Bracelet (for Kacey): Jenkins and Co.
Playsuit: Soor Ploom
Schoolgirl Bows: Free Babes
Styling and collaboration: Melissa Click

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