The Treasures of Life | Photography by Shauna Veasey

November 28, 2016

“Having our maternity photos taken by Shauna was an absolute dream. My husband and I went to law school with Shauna’s husband, so it was special to share in this extraordinary time with someone who is not only incredibly talented, but a friend as well. Taking maternity photos in mid-August in Georgia was no easy feat, but as soon as we arrived to Cator Woolford Gardens, the heat and humidity no longer mattered. Our focus was on enjoying this exceptional moment for the first time in our lives. Our journey towards parenthood and this pregnancy has not been easy, so being so close to meeting our little girl made taking maternity photos that much more special. I can’t wait for our daughter to look back on these photos one day and see the absolute joy her parents (and dog brother Fitz) had while awaiting her arrival.

My journey towards motherhood has not been an easy one. At the relatively young ages of 28 and 30 years old, having trouble conceiving was not something that was on our radar when we made the choice to begin trying to have a family. Within a few months, we were faced with the tough reality that our best chance of conceiving would be through IVF. While some couples may be defeated by this news, we were not. We did not hesitate to move forward with the IVF process, and were incredibly blessed to become pregnant on the first try. However, our joy of finally being pregnant quickly became disappointment by the news that our baby had a very high chance of miscarrying or, if she did survive, would likely have a genetic disorder. Each day was a scare that this would be the day we would lose her, but with every day that passed, she continued to grow bigger and stronger. The best day of my pregnancy was when we received the call from our doctor that our amniocentesis results came back completely normal, proof that this baby girl was a true miracle…”

“At our 20 week appointment, we received another setback by learning that our baby’s heart has a hole in it, as well as a pulmonary valve issue. As if we haven’t been through enough, right? If it had to happen to anyone though, it was meant to happen to us, because my father-in-law happens to be a pediatric cardiologist. While our baby will need a few surgeries throughout her life (the first within days of birth), we are not phased by her diagnosis and know that she is a clear fighter that will be the happiest little girl! So, while this is my first baby and I am not a veteran mother, I can firmly say that I became a mother the second I found out I was pregnant. Worrying about the health of your baby is something all mothers do, and I certainly did a lot of that over the past 9 months. But, I would also say that I believe my focus on maintaining a sense of calmness and belief that everything would be ok played a big role in my baby girl making it to this point, and will also help her in her recovery from future surgeries. I certainly do not have all of the answers and know that I will have many questions for other mothers once this baby arrives, but I will say this: if you are someone who is struggling to become pregnant, have faith that there is a bigger purpose in your journey towards motherhood, and your miracle baby will make their way to you just as ours has.” Kate, Expectant Mother

“I met Will and Kate a few years back when they were in law school with my husband and have adored them ever since. When Kate reached out to me about capturing this very special season of their lives I was honored. Will and Kate are quite a fashionable couple so I was excited to see what Kate had in mind for their session. When Kate sent me a photo of her blush Sew Trendy Accessories gown and told me she would like a classy and nature-esque type backdrop, I knew the Cator Woolford Gardens would be the perfect setting. We aimed to capture a soft, elegant and romantic aesthetic with a fun little twist by including their adorable pup, Fitz.

To me, the journey of motherhood is one of life’s most beautiful gifts. As a mother of two boys I know how important it is to savor every fleeting moment. As an artist it is my passion to capture memories, large and small, of mothers celebrating this special season. The second before a kiss, the way his hand reaches out for her’s, the tiny wrinkles on a newborn baby’s hands . . . these are the treasures of life that we long to remember. Serving mothers by creating tangible heirlooms that preserve these precious moments is a gift I am honored and blessed to share.” Shauna, Photographer

SHAUNA VEASEY PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, Portra 400, Zeiss 80mm, Canon 5d Mark III, 85mm
Film Processed and Scanned by:  Photovision
Dress: Sew Trendy Accessories
Venue: Cator Woolford Gardens

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