My Journey to Motherhood | Photography by Divya Pande

December 1, 2016

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but as I look back on my journey to motherhood, and now through motherhood, I often find that even a thousand words feels insufficient. Although photo sessions can sometimes feel unnatural or awkward, I love that Divya was able to truly capture our personalities in these photos. Taking maternity photos was especially important to me, not only because I wanted to document that special time in our lives, but I also wanted to share our journey to parenthood with our daughter as she grows up.

From the time I found out I was pregnant, I wondered, “When will I feel like a mother?”. Will it be at the first ultrasound? When I first feel the baby move? As my pregnancy progressed, I decided I was the type of person who wouldn’t feel like a mother until our baby girl made her debut. And yet, on her birthday, I was still waiting, wondering, “When will I feel like a mother?. As days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, I slowly came to terms with the fact that my journey to motherhood wasn’t the instantaneous magical transformation that society had told me to expect. For me, motherhood has been less about creating a new identity for myself, and more a journey towards embodying my role as a mother while realizing I am still the same person I always was! As I reflect on the messages society sends women about motherhood, and how that influenced my own personal journey to motherhood, I want my daughter to know that her reality can be whatever she dreams of. ” Monique, Expectant Mother

DIVYA PANDE PHOTOGRAPHYNikon F6, Nikkor 85 mm F1.8, Film Processed By:  Goodman Film Lab
 J. Tailor Salon

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