I Am The One Who Needs To Be Taught | Photography by Crystal Blackledge

December 6, 2016

“To be present and spend quality time with each child alone is a gift. You see, motherhood is delightful and wondrous, but also exhausting and chaotic. Making intentional time to enjoy one of your children individually allows you to see their beauty, to have quiet time together, to embrace the love of them as your only child in that moment. Filling each others hearts up with only feelings the two of you can create. Taking a break to sit in the grass near the Mississippi river was the perfect setting for Krista to love on her sweet six month old Bowdy.

He is her third child, her only son, and although he shares her each and every day with his siblings, today she was his, and he loved every single moment of it. Little Bowdy was full of pure joy in his moms arms during our session. The way he looks at her like she is his whole life is precious, seeing this through a lens is magnified for me, it is not ordinary. It is pure love. The warm Minnesota afternoon sun made for the perfect setting on the rivers edge of the Mississippi. I leave motherhood sessions more fulfilled then when I arrived. I have a deeper feeling for life and more love for the simple moments. It makes me thankful for my own family and also makes me want to slow down, spend more time playing in the grass and soaking in the afternoon sun.” Crystal, Photographer


CRYSTAL’S PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, 80mm 2.0 zeiss, Fuji 400H, HP5
Linen Dress:  Eileen Fisher
Baby Romper:  Gap

  1. Karen says:

    These Photos are Wonderful, sweet words and so very true!

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