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December 8, 2016

“When I chose to be a mother, I didn’t know that nothing would ever be the same again.  Everything is different than before.  I once heard someone say that a mother is born and grows little by little from the inside out. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I started becoming a mother and I continue to grow as a mother everyday. The moments of waiting were long (really they flew by) and I wanted the sweetness of those moments captured. Our session was by the sea.  There was a calmness in the gentle rolling of the waves and beautiful light.  We treasure these images that will forever remind us of the sweet days before our little Leonor arrived.

Being a mother has been the adventure of my life.  The boring days have ended.  Every day is different and the learning is mutual.  She learns from and with me, but above all, I learn a lot from her and with her.  I learn to be better and more patient.  The love that I feel for her, my precious daughter, exceeds everything else.  Her smile gives me energy and takes away any sorrows.  Being a mother has made and continues to make me stronger and better and has made everything around me better as well.”  Andreia, Mother

“As photographers, we love when we are able to connect with a couple in such a way that we capture not only their wedding, but their lives. Andreia and Miguel are that kind of couple that fills our heart. When they married last year we were already their photographers, so it was natural that when they announced that their family was growing to capture this season of life as well. This time of anticipation is so sweet and traveling with them to take these images was a delight.  To us it is easy to find photographing motherhood fulfilling.  We have two beautiful sons ourselves.  We know what it feels like to wait nine months, to prepare the room and the happiness that comes when we hold that little human being in our hands.  We know what it feels like to watch them grow so fast.  This is all magical, it is the meaning of life to us!  For all this and more, it is why we adore doing this kind of work. Needless to say that we love when we feel that we belong to this sweet couple who is now a family and are very proud to be able to capture the seasons of their life.” Elisabete and Nelson, Photographers

MEMORIES FOTOGRAFIA | Hasselblad H2, 80mm 2.8, Canon EOS 1N, Sigma Art 50mm 1.4, Sigma EX 100 2.8
Film Processed by:  Carmencita Film Lab

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