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December 10, 2016

Image by Miss Figuette.

This morning I received the most heart breaking email. This beautiful mother, has suddenly passed way, leaving two precious children behind. This grief filled news hits so close to home here at Fount, as she and her oldest son are featured in our printed Volume 04, our latest publication that is currently being printed- soon be shipped out to fulfill orders across the world. We not only share photographs in this Volume that invite us into her very home, but deeply meaningful words are shared from her heart as a mother.

Image by Miss Figuette.

Fount was born out of my desire to see the art of being a mother celebrated, recognized, and deeply valued in the photography industry. The community of both photographers & mothers around the world that has since grown out of that one single desire and the self publish of a small website, has far exceeded any of my expectations and wildest dreams. It has given so many mothers a voice, and celebration for such an irreplaceable role in this life. It has brought honor to the work that photographers of motherhood create.

Volume 04 is our largest publication yet, and has been a labor of love this year. To be vulnerable and honest, there were multiple days where I wanted to give up on it. To admit that the work it took to create far outweighed it’s lack of sustainability. That perhaps it was a silly idea to try and fight for a printed publication in a digital driven world, feeling unqualified and out of my league. But we pressed on, determined to publish the art of motherhood on every single page. If we sold copies, great. If we didn’t, than we would be grateful for the opportunity to chase a dream just the same.

Image by Miss Figuette.

As I received the news of her passing this morning, I was overcome with grief. Feeling as though we knew each other.  Photographs of her and her little one flashed through my mind over and over- as they were images that I had stared at for so many hours in deciding Volume 04’s layout, images I stared at to make sure proof printed in the quality invested in, images that told her beautiful story. I remembered some of her beautiful words that she shared..

“Our life is made of moments.  Some are good, some are bad, some just go by, but, there are a small number of special ones during which we would like to freeze time and just stay in that moment forever.  Motherhood brings a lot of these moments along with it.  

So much is happening at a crazy fast speed and often these minutes are happening simultaneously.  It is easy to let these magic moments go unnoticed.  But only later, when we are looking back do we realize how amazing they really were and what priceless memories we have of those moments.  Even though I know some of these moments have gone unrecorded, I do want to try to keep as many as I can.  I know that any photographer can have us sit down, pretty, with everything in the right place and the right moment and take the picture, but that doesn’t tell my story, our story.  I want the intimacy, all the emotions that just happen because of the moment.  I especially want the ones that can’t be recreated. 

With Miss Figuette and her team, that is what this shoot was, just stealing moments that will become memories.  This session was just a regular day, full of those amazing moments and this time… this time we didn’t miss them….

Image by Miss Figuette.

I write this small tribute to ask for prayers for what must be the most difficult season this family has ever faced. Her name was Cristina. I urge you to pause- to again recognize and remember the deep importance of photographs. Whether you create them, or are IN them, it is moments like today where the gravity of it all weighs so heavy. As a photographer, what you do MATTERS. You are not “just” a family photographer. This is not “just” another magazine, as we will soon be packaging up additional copies for her family to have and treasure.

What you do matters. 

Photography by Miss Figuette.

  1. Rhonda Loncto (York) says:

    Beautiful words and pictures. You are making memories for a lifetime. Prayers for Christina’s family.

  2. Beth Gomez says:

    Heart breaking to think her little ones will grow up without her. What a treasure these images must be for them now and even more so in the years to come. I’m sure they will forever cherish the printed edition you’re sending them, that’s an incredibly special gift.

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