The Joy of Childhood | Photography by Dim Melnikov

January 11, 2017

“Though there are few relationships that can rival the depth of love that a mother has for her child, I believe there are also other family relationships to be celebrated. This session features photographs displaying the tender love between Aunt Olesya and her beautiful niece, Milana. We want to share with you these images that really touched us. Valuing family relationships can only deepen our depth of character.

For this session Olesya drew inspiration from the Impressionist artists, incorporating light dresses with long sleeves, a vintage hat and handmade brooch.  For her niece, simplicity was important, so Milana’s hair was flowing freely and her feet were bare.  This only added to the charm and tenderness of this session.  We knew the end of summer, with its rich colors, warm sun and abundance of flowers and fruit, would meet beautifully with the laughter and joy that abound in childhood.  Dancing under the cover of oak trees, whose roots reach down for generations and surrounded by beautiful flowers in shades of pink, we were transported back to our own childhoods, when the world seemed a great and magical, and the love of family warmed us. Childhood is a time that Olesya recalls with great joy and now celebrates with her niece.” Dim, Photographer

DIM MELNIKOV PHOTOGRAPHY | Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III, 50mm1.2, 135mm 2.0

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