Always Changing | Photography by Gritsak Mariya

January 26, 2017

“Pregnancy and motherhood are two of the most important seasons of life for women. I have always admired beautiful and professional photos and when I became a mother I thought that it would be great if I were a photographer. When you see your child every day you forget how he looked yesterday.  It is such an unforgettable experience when you give life to a little one. Those feelings stay with you throughout your life, but that new little life changes every moment. His smile changes just a bit or he makes a new facial expression or learns something new. Despite the fact that you may find yourself desperate and exhausted in the middle of it, you want to catch every second of this new life and you will always remember these moments with a smile on your face.” Mirabella, Mother

“When I’m shooting a newborn session, I feel that i’m capturing something very authentic and sincere. All masks are falling, when you hold your little baby in your hands. The most serious and strict man becomes gentle and caring in a way he’s never been before. The mother’s eyes are lit from the inside and are filled with happiness.

I’m so happy that my vision of newborn session was completely the same as Mirabella’s, the mother of little David. Simple outfit, simple colors, simple interior – there is nothing to cloud the scene from the most important thing, their love for each other and their baby boy.” Mariya, Photographer

GRITSAK MARIA PHOTOGRAPHY | Canon 5d Mark III, 50mm1.2 and Canon 85mm1.2

  1. Stephanie says:

    What a beautiful baby! Lovely images.

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