The Calm and The Chaos | Photography by Michelle Lange

February 6, 2017

“It was just a few short weeks before I was to head to Germany for the winter when I received a message from Lauren and Krishna regarding their maternity session. Just a few days later we were able to find the perfect location with an organic and natural feel to do their portraits. It represented the calm before their little one was to arrive.  The calm before the chaos, the beautiful and tender chaos that comes with a newborn.

Lauren found a perfect dress for her session from Rachel Pally, with the soft pink complimented by the golden light hitting the tall, late September grass. Her body chain from Goldish in NYC and her hat from Peter Beaton in Nantucket incorporated pieces from locations that had a special meaning to both of them.

As I write, there is a very different definition of chaos happening in my living room that I never knew existing. Eight different musical cars simultaneously playing various musical melodies. Amongst this chaos, there is also calm. Christmas music playing quietly and the aroma of Douglas fir fills the air.

One of the most beautiful things about photographing motherhood is being able to capture both the calm and the chaos and the ever-changing definition of both. Being able to bring back memories in a single photograph and reminding parents that there is beauty in both. Reminding them of simpler times when chaos was defined as what felt like millions of little kicks waking them from their sleep and the calm of being able to rest as one wished.

Refreshing their mind of a time when their newborn lay milk drunk on their chest, eyelids fluttering and smiles appearing, while wondering what their newborn could possibly be dreaming about to result in such a cute, toothless smile. It brings me joy to make them think about the season of sleepless, chaotic nights and how it felt like it would never end. These memories that a single photograph can bring back to a mother are why I love photographing motherhood and growing families.” Michelle, Photographer

MICHELLE LANGE PHOTOGRAPHY | Pentax 645nii with 105, D800 with 85
Film Processed and Scanned:  The Find Lab
Dress: Rachel Pally
Hat: Peter Beaton in Nantucket
Belly Chain: Goldish in TriBeCa

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