A Special Kind of Beauty | Photography by Kylee Yee

February 20, 2017

“I was lucky enough to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. I didn’t have morning sickness and throughout the nine months felt particularly OK. Sure, I had my days of feeling super tired, swollen and towards the end I felt huge, but all in all I felt happy and healthy. Kylee took our engagement photos when we first moved to London and over the years has become a good friend of mine. When I found out I was pregnant I knew immediately that I wanted her to take our maternity photos. Maternity photos are one of those things that not everyone does and some people think are silly.  Well, I really loved them and would highly recommend having them as a way to remember these fleeting moments of pregnancy. I wanted to get our photos taken because I knew that they would be the last time my husband Frans and I had our photos taken of just the two of us before becoming our small family of three. I wanted to celebrate our daughters upcoming arrival and the love between us in the city that we had made our home over the last four years, London.

Even though I may have felt great during pregnancy didn’t mean I always felt like a supermodel and felt totally secure in my skin. I did find myself feeling much better in a fitted dress during pregnancy than I did before, however, eight months into pregnancy I felt really huge and a bit insecure, and of course, that was when we had our session scheduled. I remember telling Kylee a few times how I didn’t feel like myself, I wished we had taken them at six months.  I felt fat and yucky but she kept reminding me…I was pregnant and looked lovely. The day the shoot came I got my hair and makeup done, put on a sparkly dress and with my husband by my side,  it made me feel beautiful. I am glad we got the photos done so that some day I can show our daughter what I looked like when she was in my belly. How beautiful she made me glow and not to feel bad about your body but to celebrate it and have a positive image of yourself. I was growing little Fleur in me and I was eating healthy and exercising and had to remind myself that I was pregnant and that was to be celebrated. I sometimes felt like I was being shallow when mentioning things likely weight, but as a woman I believe it is a very natural feeling. Your spend years of your life exercising, eating well and keeping yourself in shape and then all of a sudden things change that you have no control over. I want to raise my daughter to be proud of your health and to have a positive look on your body image and taking these photos reminded me of this time of special beauty.

I will never forget the beautiful afternoon in Hampstead with my husband. Rubbing my belly and feeling our little girl, Fleur, kicking inside. Not knowing what the days would be like in weeks ahead, not knowing what this little girl would be like, there was so much excitement of what was to come on our journey into parenthood together and I will be forever grateful that I had Kylee capture it.” Rebecca, Expectant Mother

“When Rebecca moved to London from America, a mutual friend of ours connected us knowing that we would have a lot in common. From that point a beautiful friendship blossomed and I was lucky to be there to capture some of the most pivotal moments in Rebecca’s life including her engagement and her first pregnancy. Rebecca is beautiful, inside and out, and exudes so much positive and vibrant energy. As with many other pregnant women, I knew Rebecca was struggling with the changes with her body, and I wanted her to see how beautiful and glowing she truly was. Dressed in sparkles to match her personality, we shot in the beautiful Pergola at Hampstead Heath, capturing the tender beginnings to a beautiful growing family!” Kylee, Photographer

KYLEE YEE PHOTOGRAPHY | Mamiya 645, Fuji400h film, Canon 5D M3 – 50mm
Styling: Rebecca Kobus

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