Shared Reflections | Photography by Melanie Osorio

February 28, 2017

“My husband and I had decided pretty early on in our pregnancy to skip a maternity shoot. It seemed like a nice idea to be able to look back on the photos, but we’re not accustomed to being in the spotlight. I am a wedding planner, and usually it’s my couples whom the camera lenses are focused on – I am used to being behind the scenes. But, as we got closer and closer to the baby’s arrival (it’s going to be a boy!) things started feeling a little more real, time felt like it was flying by, and it finally hit us that there’s no going back! We did not want to forget what it felt like to be so excited and scared at the same time, but ultimately just so happy anticipating baby’s arrival. I am really enjoying these final weeks of having him inside my belly, despite feeling limited in my mobility, so I am so very glad we changed our minds and asked Melanie Osorio (very last minute) to do a maternity session for us while I was 30 weeks pregnant.

I knew I wanted to have some photos with interesting architecture as the backdrop, and I picked Pasadena City Hall as one of our shoot locations because it’s so elegant and has the historic charm I love so much. I also knew I loved engagement photos Melanie has shot in wide open fields with soft natural light, but good gosh where do you find a place like that in Los Angeles?! Melanie was so thoughtful – she knew I was very pregnant and preferred not to travel far by car (having the need to pee every 20 minutes), so she researched and found an easily accessible hiking trail in Glendale, very close by to Pasadena – Deukmejian Wilderness Park. It was perfect!

I love Melanie’s style, particularly her use and capture of natural light. Everything feels so light & airy, and just a touch magical. I feel like it’s something that only can be done with film…it’s not quite the same with digital! She caught us in our moments of laughter and our quiet moments of reflection. She encouraged us to be goofy and make one another laugh, and she asked us to reflect on how our lives were going to change (in a good way!) very soon. In fact, being in front of the camera didn’t feel weird or awkward at all! Melanie made it feel very natural, and I am so glad. That’s exactly how the photos turned out, too, very natural, and full of laughs & private moments of shared reflection…and that beautiful light! Despite it being a rainy day, we made it work!

I hope to encourage mommies and daddies to be to capture this special time in their lives so that they can share these memories with their kiddo in the future!” Lillian, Mother

MELANIE OSORIO PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, Pentax 645, and Canon 5d mark iii

Additional Vendors: Floral Headpiece: Violette’s Flowers
Dress: ASOS
Suit: JCrew

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