A Calling To Be Present | Photography by Jenny Tong

March 9, 2017

“One year ago I took a maternity session for beautiful parents-to-be Virginia and Matthew. We made a date to have a session soon after little Lila was born.  It has been so special to watch her grow.  Now that one year has gone by since she was born, it was time for another session. It is hard to believe that one year has gone by in a blink and here our date came true. For this family session we came back to the place where we were before Lila was born. When I look through all the images I took, I easily become emotional. These images are what years from now will make you sigh, will make you cry, and melt your heart. These are the images that could be given to your daughter, your daughter’s daughter and when they look at them, they will be able to feel how you felt at that moment. These images are definitely a heirloom.

As a photographer, it’s truly an honour to witness a woman from pregnancy to being a mom. These are definitely the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life and how lucky am I to able to photograph them. I was touched by every time when she was holding her baby, when she was singing to her, when she hug her. Motherhood is the greatest thing in a world, isn’t it? Being a mother is not a job, a hobby or a task. It’s a calling, a calling to love well, a calling to instruct hearts, a calling to be present.” Jenny, Photographer

JENNY TONG FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, 80/2, fuji400H

Additional Vendors: Film Processed and Scanned:  Carmencita Film Lab                                      Makeup:   XING maQuillage

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