Authentic | Photography by Momento Cativo

March 13, 2017

There is nothing more genuine and spontaneous than photographing the love of children and parents. The bond of parents and children is a bond that is created from the first day they know that sweet little one is on the way. This connection overflows at every look, in each gesture and brings with it an unprecedented emotive load that we love to capture. Love between parents and their children is never subtracted, it only multiplies. To capture this family’s love, we captured this session in their home. They didn’t want the concept of a family session in which they do an activity for photography, they wanted true moments that they share daily as a family.

Working with this family has been gratifying, we have been following their lives since they were engaged. This relationship through the years has allowed us to photograph pieces of their history, unique moments that they will take with them forever. This makes us feel that what we do is special. As we already know there is a greater authenticity that occurs between family members when they are in their own home. This session being in their home allowed us to capture genuine moments of a routine of a day like any other day, but this time with their newest family member.” Vanessa and Ivo, Photographers

MOMENTO CATIVO PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, 80mm f2.0, Canon1V, 50mm f1.2, Fuji 400h

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