So Fleeting | Photography by Aria Studios

March 14, 2017

“Before I became a mother, I thought that is what I was destined to be and as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom. When my son was born he had an extreme case of colic that did not go away until he was about 4.5 months old. (If he was awake, he was crying or screaming.) My transition into motherhood was ROUGH! It made me mad at all the other moms who had babies that just slept all day and liked being in their car seat. I did not have PPD, but dealing with extreme colic made the first months of his life a very dark time. Thankfully he grew out of it and is the most clever, smart and interesting kid! I want other mothers, including new moms-to-be, to know that the beginning of your child’s life may not be sunshine and roses. And that’s OK! It is a huge transition and mixed with sleep deprivation. I can say I do not miss the baby days at all. I think every mother has an age that they excel at and mine is definitely the 1’s and 2’s. Motherhood looks and feels different to everyone, which is why it is the most challenging and rewarding job.

We needed this session for two reasons: First, I wanted beautiful pictures for our holiday card. The long answer is that I wanted this time with two young children captured forever-even the messy parts. Often when running around town with my kids, I am stopped by mothers of teenagers and they see my 1 year old and 4 year old and tell me to “enjoy it” and “it goes so fast” and I believe them. They don’t see my kids fighting in the shopping card and me feeling exhausted, they see the beautiful innocence only young kids can posses. Having real-life, non-staged family photos at the beach was important to me because this season of life is so fleeting and I wanted to remember it for what it truly is.” Holly, Mother

“I met this sweet family while they were vacationing in Hawaii from The Bay Area. We took them to the beach and let them run around while I chased after them with my camera. It was a very windy day but this family was so relaxed, which made my job easy!

I’m 25, newly married, and not a mother yet, but can’t wait to get promoted one day! I shoot a lot of weddings in Hawaii but my favorite thing to photograph is families! When kids are this young it’s hard to take normal smiling photos of them. I love to photograph them just the way they are – sandy hands, windy hair, running around, snugging their mamas. I think photos like these will be cherished forever, not just perfect portraits, but a true intimate picture of how life was at that time.” Holly, Photographer

ARIA STUDIOS | Contax 645, 80mm Zeiss, Fuji 400h Film

Additional Vendors: Film processed and scanned:  Indie Film Lab

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