A New Family of Three | Photography by Erika Brown

March 16, 2017

“I have always known I wanted to become a mother someday. Never did I know it would be so rewarding and that I could have so much love. Motherhood isn’t always easy and no one can truly prepare you for what’s to come. I am looking forward to watching him grow, even though I already feel like time needs to slow down! He will always be my baby. I am very thankful to have such a caring, supportive husband. Not only is he my best friend but he’s a wonderful father to our son and I can’t wait to see the bond they share grow as Lucas grows up.

I am so glad I chose to have our family photographed after our son’s arrival. It was very special and important to me that we capture these precious moments at only a couple weeks old. It truly shows the bond we have as a family and its something I’ll be able to look back at in years to come and show my son, Lucas, when he’s older” Brittany, Mother

These three were such a joy to work with. They truly treasure each and every moment with one another and you can see that just by being around them. Photographing these moments in the life of their family was such an honor. I think what I love most about these sessions is really just that….seeing the joy of bringing a new life into the world right in front of me. There is nothing sweeter and it makes me feel so lucky.

I consider the art of photographing life’s milestones to be more like preserving life’s best moments. Baby kisses, endless cuddles, long conversations, wine dates, discovering new places together, the simple things in life… all of these are the result of those life milestones. Photography has given me a return ticket to a moments otherwise gone and I feel blessed and honored to create this art every day. Photographing Mothers with babies in particular warms my heart…I know the bond I have with my daughter is so strong and every minute with her is precious. I treasure each and every photo that translates that love. I hope to create art that can do that for families every day.” Erika, Photographer

 ERIKA BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645 , Zeiss 80mm, Film: Fuji 400h & Portra 800

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