Just Like That | Photography by Justine Milton

March 20, 2017

“Toddlers are such interesting little people. They definitely have their own ideas and agendas almost every single moment of the day.  It can truly be exhausting at times.  They’re still so much baby with their little feet and fingers that try so hard, but can’t just quite reach or hold or grab.  Words sometimes don’t come out quite right and naps are an enemy!  Photographing these little ones can, at times, require an extra bit of patience or silliness or both.  But sometimes, just like that, an iPhone video or some bubbles have magical powers.  Their sweet smiles and exuberance come shining through. It’s those moments, in between all the others that we desperately need to capture. This little season of mothering a toddler is unique and having an image to remind us of the squishiness of their cheeks or the pouts they offer up or the way their hair lies a little crooked as it is continuing to grow is important.  Just like that, it will be gone.  The chubby little fingers give way to fingers that learn to color and cut and write. Their squishy cheeks give way to an older face and their grins that are only filled with some baby teeth give way to the tooth fairy and braces.  Their pouts give way. Well… their pouts may not give way, but they won’t be nearly as cute.  Don’t you agree, there’s just nothing quite like a toddler’s little pout. Oliver was a typical toddler, but with the magic of an iPhone and his favourite tv show we were able to get his attention.  We were able to capture the here and now with his little toes and fingers and his squishy cheeks and his desire to be on the move.  And we’re so glad we did, because just like that, he’ll change and grow and the toddler years will be gone, fading into a memory.

I love capturing the in between moments as well as the perfect ones. The moments when every one is frustrated and nothing is going the way it was planned, sometimes those can make for gorgeous little moments, more raw, more emotion.  Genevieve is an extremely talented photographer and it was such a pleasure working with her and her adorable family!  They live downtown in a gorgeous condo, so we thought it was only fitting to do their session downtown as well!”  Justine, Photographer

JUSTINE MILTON PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, 80mm Zeiss, Fuji 400, Photovision Prints

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