Beauty, Mystery and Gratitude | Photography by Jenni Kupelian

March 24, 2017

“For me, being pregnant was a very enjoyable experience and I wanted to capture that moment in time so I could look back and enjoy that time over and over again. I also wanted my kids to be able to see what I looked liked while carrying them. We were thrilled to learn we were having a baby girl and that this would complete our family. Raising these beautiful babies has truly been our greatest adventure and worth every sleepless night. There is nothing else on earth that could bring us such joy. It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.” Kerry, Expectant Mother

“We chose a beautiful open field near the Columbia River Gorge for Kerry’s maternity portraits. We wanted her to have space to move barefoot through the grass and allow the wind to create movement on camera. It was originally only supposed to be “Mama to be” portraits, but towards the end of the session her son Landon arrived. He had a cold and was particularly needing to snuggle with his mama.  As they started to snuggle, I shot away. Sometimes when you are planning a shoot to look a certain “way” – it’s easy to lose track of the things that really matter…the emotion behind the images. When I let go of worrying about if the light was exactly what I wanted or how the unplanned wardrobes were mixing, I was able to really just focus on some amazing moments on camera between mother and son. I’m so glad I was able to set all the other stuff aside and just allow them to interact naturally, with little posing or direction. That is where the true magic happens.” Jenny, Photographer

“As a photographer of motherhood and family, I have been granted a unique journey as my husband and I have been unable to have children naturally. This has informed my work with a sense of awe, as I find it so miraculous when women are able to give birth, foster and adopt children. As I personally wait to build my family in whatever way is granted me, it is often difficult to photograph motherhood in any form since it is such a strong desire in my life that I’m still waiting to experience. But that very pain has granted me such a beautiful vantage point on camera…one that can highlight beauty, mystery and gratitude in what I’d hope is an honest way. Sometimes it can become too difficult and that’s when I know I have to step away from my camera for a time and focus on weddings or personal work…but I always find my way back. If anyone is reading this struggling in the same way I have, know that you are not alone. So much loveliness can be weaved from heartache and I hope you find some encouragement today…and continue to create in the midst of your personal pain. When we do that, true life springs up in so many forgotten and surprising places.” Jenny, Photographer

JENNI KUPELIAN PHOTOGRAPHY | Mamiya 645 AF , 80mm F/2.8 Lens , Kodak Portra 800 ,

Additional Vendors: Film Processed and Scanned: PhotoVision Prints

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