Sharing Precious Moments | Photography by Andrew Mark

April 20, 2017

“I have to admit that motherhood was my push to have these pictures taken. I really love the idea of capturing our growing family every year in a photoshoot. On a deeper level, we had just gone through a pretty challenging season in our marriage and it felt like a conclusion to end that time in such a beautiful and peaceful way. It captured our family perfectly.

I entered motherhood after backpacking for eight months through Europe and Africa with my husband. It was a completely self-fulfilling trip. So when I came back pregnant, started working long hours at a pub to make a maternity leave and then had my first son, Owen, I entered the complete opposite chapter of my life of selflessness as a mother. From the beginning it’s exhausting and tasking and some days I just want to hit “pause” and sleep, or go shopping, or read a book and drink a warm coffee (that hasn’t been sitting for an hour). But, there’s nothing like the gratification of holding my baby just minutes after he was inside me. There’s nothing like the first time he reaches for me, the first smile, the first laugh, the first “I love you mommy”. Every snuggle and quiet moment we get together only deepens that connection.

I love watching both of my sons play together and make each other laugh and I know I’ve done something right. Motherhood is the hardest and the most gratifying role that a woman could go through. I’ve reflected a lot on my own mother lately as she has been diagnosed with cancer. There is always a bond you have with your mother regardless of differences, time or space. They know more about you than you know about yourself and they’ve shared some of your most precious moments. They’ve made you feel safe, loved and important. So, to be a mother is a wonderful privilege.” Stephanie, Mother

“I’m personally close with Stephanie & Kevin and their boys. Being able to capture this wonderful time of life with them was such a pleasure. Working behind the lens with a family you know so intimately really allows you to share and experience a greater joy in creating the imagery you know they’ll love forever. So often a lot of a session is learning who your subjects are as quickly and intimately as you can so that you can break down barriers and really capture the nature of who each person is and what that looks like together as a family. This session was so easy to connect and easy capture who they are as a family together.

Motherhood has a whole new level of honour since November of last year when my wife and I had our first. I truly believe that the strongest connection in life is between a mother and their children. It surpasses any other connection and relationship. Watching my wife and little girl bond from the womb to now 1 year has forever changed my perspective on parenthood, especially the unique roles of mothers. As a portrait photographer being able to capture relationship, true emotional connection, is what truly brings any photo to life. Photographing motherhood is one of the most beautiful relationships in existence. I’m a truly fulfilled knowing the value mothers will have for the images I’m able to capture between them and their children.” Andrew, Photographer

Film Processed By:  Photovision Prints

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