For Generations | Photography by Lindsay Connors

April 26, 2017

“I always assumed I would be a mother until my husband and I actually started trying to have a baby. Like many women my journey to becoming a mother had a few bumps in the road. After multiple miscarriages and abdominal surgery in the two years leading up to our baby girl’s arrival, I wasn’t so sure that our lives would include becoming parents. Fortunately we have amazing family and friends who were wonderful through these ups and downs, and we now have a beautiful, healthy, baby girl to make us a family of three! Lindsay was a joy to work with, and I am so glad that she captured these photos to remember this time. When I look at these photos that are just a couple of weeks old, I can’t believe how much our baby has already changed.” Margaret, Mother

“Working with the Langhorsts was an absolute dream. When I arrived to their lovely Charlestown home, I entered into a peaceful, natural-light filled aura. Mom, Dad, Grandma Lucy, and Baby Katharine were all there to greet me, and I could not have felt more welcomed. I knew from the very start that a newborn session was very important to the Langhorsts, and we kept in touch up until our scheduled date. It made me so excited to know how invested the Langhorsts were in a newborn session. My job has allowed me to connect with so many special families, and I could honestly feel the love this little family had for one another. I barely had to give direction for posing — they were all so natural with their new roles as parents, and grandmother.

Photographing motherhood is so rewarding to me, because it’s such a unique experience. I absolutely loved watching the special moments between Margaret and her mother, Lucy, who was visiting and helped out during our session. It was absolutely amazing to see three generations of women sitting together — two mothers, and a sweet baby girl, who more than likely will become a mother herself one day! I am not a mother, and so, I don’t fully understand motherhood, but it makes me appreciate my mother that much more, when I see and hear the stories of my clients. It makes me hopeful that I, too, will be a mother one day, for it is one of the biggest honors I think there is in life.” Lindsay, Photographer


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