The Depth of Devotion | Photography by Betsy Blue

May 1, 2017

Seth and Anna were incredibly sweet together, and so peaceful to capture. Their home, their demeanor, their openness…it was all so serene and loving, even with Junebug’s help.  Junebug, the French Bulldog, was basically Seth & Anna’s first baby and will definitely help them welcome baby Harrison. Her attention to every detail during the shoot was perfection. There wasn’t a lens this pup didn’t sniff, a hand she didn’t lick or a single missed opportunity to wiggle in joy at our feet (or on the bed, or in our arms, or….) She’ll be an adorable companion she’ll be to Baby Harrison!  What a wonderful atmosphere to welcome a baby into.

The days and weeks leading up to delivering a child are so surreal. Most of the time I am witness to an unearthly air of serenity and peace surrounding an expecting mother. Capturing the love a mother already has for her sweet baby in the womb, is an indescribable honor…that time is incredibly sweet. The depth of devotion, adoration and love we all feel as mothers for our babes can never truly be captured on film…but I’ll never stop trying, or loving the process of it all.” Betsy, Photographer

We love to help to connect our readers with motherhood photographers both locally, and around the world currently provided in our Fount Directory. Betsy, of Betsy Blue Photography, is one of our talented directory listings.  For more information, please visit our directory here.

BETSY BLUE PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, 80mm Zeiss, Fuji 400, Canon 5DMIII, 50 1.2

Additional Vendors:  Film Processed:  PhotoVision

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