Joy Comes In The Morning | Photography by Sarah Ingram

May 4, 2017

“Psalm 30:5 says that joy comes in the morning, and how true that was with this session! We rose early the day after Thanksgiving. Not to shop for black Friday deals, but to intentionally spend time together as Sarah documented our little family. Sarah had scouted the loveliest stretch of shore at the lake close to our home. The light was so perfect…sparkling and golden and just hazy enough to make everything look dreamy. Scarlett, who is seriously the funniest person I know, kept us all laughing as we shivered in the cold clear morning. Sarah chose her shots strategically as she gently guided us in natural, authentic interactions. Sarah and I share a similar aesthetic and exacting design sense, which made it easy to trust her completely. I knew that she understood how I wanted these photos to look, and that she had the skills to execute to that standard.

We had never done family photos before, but I’ve felt convicted lately as I’ve realized that my girls have so few pictures of them with their mama in the frame. That’s a mistake. No matter my personal feelings of “worthiness” to be in front of the camera instead of behind it, it is so
important for children to have visual artifacts of their family relationships. They need to SEE how and by whom they are loved. It is essential to establishing their sense of place, their rootedness, their terroir.” Ginny, Mother

SARAH INGRAM PHOTOGRAPHY | Pentax 645N body, 105mm 2.4 lens, Portra 400 film

Additional Vendors: Stylist (and client) : Ginny Early
Ginny’s outfit : Elizabeth Suzann
Ella’s Original Hunter boots: Hunter Boots

  1. Melissa says:

    The light and color are beautiful. The subjects, exquisite. Beautiful work of all involved.

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