Filled With Deep Gratitude | Photography by Lauren Kirkbride

May 8, 2017

When we found out we were expecting, it was Mothers Day, 2016. We didn’t expect it to be an easy road because there were some unknowns stemming from the fact that my husband is a survivor of childhood cancer and was told he may never have his own children. In an instant 15 years of uncertainty vanished and were replaced with feelings of deep gratitude and immense happiness. Carrying our sweet boy for 9 months was such a happy time for us. We felt so lucky to get to have this boy who was strong and kicking and had such a personality in the womb. I knew that in the same way we soaked up those fleeting moments just the two of us, passing hours talking about all the things we hoped for our child- the moments with him as a newborn would be so dear and equally fleeting too. I wanted to capture this time in our lives. This time as a new family, as new parents, a new little life and as people who felt so much gratitude for this gift.

During my pregnancy, I tried not to think about what motherhood would be like – I want to just experience it for what it is. It has been the most humbling experience of my life. You learn how intimately and deeply your own parents love you and it changes your relationships. It inspires me to show as much love to people as I can during the day because I hope that the world my child grows up in shows him the same. Motherhood means knowing with certainty that everything can wait- there isn’t anything that is more important than being present with my family. Before I became a mother, I never could have imagined the way that motherhood really does create a complete mental shift. Not only in a way that you are happy to become incredibly selfless the instant your child is born, but even more so how I see the world. Looking at the world through the lens of motherhood means more Grace. Getting up everyday and knowing that I’m doing the best I can and that every other mom out there is too. Many of us are going through our days on 4 hours of sleep, eating our meals as quickly as possible savoring the 30 minutes we get to walk to aisles of Target alone – we’re in these seasons of life together and I’ve realized that we all need encouragement on some days and that the best advice comes from other moms.

When I hired Lauren, I knew I loved her photography but I think what drives her to create such beautiful images is so much more important, and its part of the legacy her mother left. As we were getting to know each other she mentioned that her mother had passed away when she was only 18. Immediately in tears at the thought of a mother having to leave her babies too soon, she said something so sweet. Lauren said that the reason she loves to be a family photographer is that her favorite belongings are photographs because they capture the memories of her mother. She has such a wonderful talent and intimately knows the importance family photos can have.” Keely, Mother

Makeup by Jillian Maria Makeup.

  1. Jillian says:

    Loved being part of this beautiful family shoot by doing the makeup! Such beautiful photos! Email:
    Instagram: jillian.maria_

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