Exactly How You Are | Photography by Val Glidden

May 10, 2017

“I specialized in motherhood photography when I was a full time photographer and my absolute favorite sessions were always the ones where the babies were around 7 months old. It is this time in their lives where they are not quite independent, but you see so much of who they are as a tiny human and their personalities. I always told myself that when my baby was 7 months old we would have a session capturing that time in our lives. I am so thankful we made it a reality and we have these moments to cherish!  What made this session even more special is that we were able to use the setting of mine and my husband’s first date.  It is also where he proposed and where we got married.  It is so sentimental to us to use this location that has been part of so many milestones in the life of our family.

Motherhood is hard and it seems that every day I am continually learning to be intentional and authentic with each part of our lives. It is a constant learning experience, but time goes so fast and I want to truly embrace each moment. We get so caught up in things that truly don’t matter in our lives and my goal is to really take in what does matter and be thankful for each moment we have. I am learning so much about myself through being a mama and it is a crazy beautiful thing!

We mamas are HARD on ourselves. It is SO easy to compare our lives to what we see on social media (our every day life to someone’s highlight reel). If you are a mama or mama to be, please do not wait to have a session capturing your lives, because you do not see yourself as perfect. You are beautiful exactly how you are, embrace this time in your life, no matter how messy it may feel. You will be so thankful you did! Invest in these memories and a photographer you love and you will look back with a grateful heart!”  Bethany, Mother

“I have had the privilege of photographing Bethany and John before they even got married. Capturing their engagement session, their one year anniversary, their newborn session and now, as baby Gray turns 6 months. It has been such a joy to see them go from being 2 people to one family of 3. This session took place at a park they visit frequently – it is their park. It is the park where John proposed to Bethany. The park where we took their engagement photos. The park where they got married. And now, the place where they take Gray on walks. I loved getting to see them now as a mother and father to this tiny human. The love I once captured for each other, they now also share with their baby boy.” Val, Photographer


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