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May 12, 2017

“This photography session took place in Richmond, Texas at the Fort Bend Museum. My husband and I have a passion for history and I knew I wanted the location of our maternity photographs to be classic and have historical significance. The museum property has two beautiful homes on site along with additional historic structures near downtown Richmond. I couldn’t think of a better place for our maternity pictures that would not only represent our love of the past but our excitement for the future.

It has been an incredible journey and privilege to carry a precious life inside of me for the past nine months. Motherhood is truly a miracle and I knew that I never wanted to forget how my body changed to serve my baby’s needs and the amazing feelings and emotions that I have experienced through the course of my pregnancy. Taking our maternity pictures was such an incredible experience and Paige of Awake Photography was absolutely wonderful to work with. It was a day filled with love and pure joy and I haven’t felt that beautiful since my wedding day. I truly believe that our maternity photographs beautifully capture this incredible time in our lives and will provide special memories for years to come

I will be honest I came into motherhood a little later in life, at least compared to my friends, and I was slightly hesitant. I am very blessed and I had a wonderful life with my husband and I was afraid of doing anything that would change that. It is hard to hear people say “your life will be over as soon as you have a baby” repeatedly. I loved my life! However, as we were getting older we noticed that as happy as we were together something was missing and that feeling was growing stronger with each passing year. When we decided to have a child we thought that we would have several months to get adjusted to the idea and embrace parenthood but fate had a different plan for us. We were very blessed and became pregnant immediately. To say I wasn’t a little frightened would be dishonest; however we were also overjoyed and thrilled beyond words! We found out we were pregnant on Father’s day and one day after our five year anniversary…”

It is hard to completely say what motherhood means to me, as I am writing this we are still awaiting his arrival. However, from just the experience of carrying this sweet boy I can say that the amount of love I already feel for him is overwhelming. Before he has even been born I already love him, talk to him, worry about him, and dream of what kind of man he will grow up to be. Each time he kicks or moves just melts my heart, even the ones that are slightly painful. It is just an incredible experience to bring a new life into the world that will change yours forever.

The one thing that I would love to share with readers who are considering becoming a mother is something that I wish I had heard more in the past. Yes, a baby will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. No, your life will never be the same again, I believe that it will be better. Rather than listen to those that tell you that your life will be over, listen to your family and friends that tell you that your life is just beginning. It is the greatest adventure that you could ever embark on. Though there will be tough times, there will be wonderful times and it will be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make. So don’t let the negative comments bring you down, listen to those that love you and support you and believe them when they say that the best of times are just about to begin!” Jessica, Expectant Mother

AWAKE PHOTOGRAPHY | Contax 645, 80 2.0
Hair & Makeup by Alli Kirk.

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