Generations | Photography by Rachel DeBell

March 19, 2018

Generations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0001.jpg“There are so many things I love about being a mother. I really feel the weight of the privilege of getting to teach my daughter how life works and how good God is. I get to shape her worldview and that’s a big job, but one that I love. I so admire my daughter because she is smart, compassionate, sweet and wily! Motherhood is honestly so much more fun than I ever thought it would be. I had lots of people tell me about the sleep deprivation and the discipline and the hard work, but no one talked about the joy in it all and the laughter.

My journey to motherhood was a tough, long road. My husband and I got pregnant the first month we started trying only to miscarry very early. I was sad about the miscarriage, but I thought we could easily get pregnant again. A year and a half went by. I was a wreck. All I could think about was getting pregnant and starting our family. Adoption had been on our hearts hearts even before my husband and I met, so we decided to pursue that to start our family. It took another year and a half before our daughter was born and we got to bring her home.

Those 3 years were dark years of suffering and struggle. I questioned the Lord’s goodness to me and His grace. At that time, I had motherhood up on a pedestal. I really thought that was who I was meant to be in life. But God was gracious to not give me what I wanted. He had to rip my hands off of that idol of motherhood and put them squarely on Himself. My identity had to be rooted in being in the family of God, not in motherhood. As I look back, I am thankful for that time in my life. God did good things in my heart and my faith. I know that God is still good even when He says no to our deepest desires. I remember the moment I first held my sweet adopted daughter in my arms and I regretted all those days I was sad that I wasn’t a mother. I could have enjoyed my life deeply with my husband instead of wallowing in grief like I did. God was faithful to me even in His no. This was an important lesson for me because I am in the waiting season again. We’ve been trying to add another child to our family for the past 2 years with no success. But I know that God is enough for me even if we only have one child or we have to wait many more years for a yes from Him. There’s a quote by Tim Keller that captures my feelings beautifully, ‘If I knew what God knows, I would be asking Him for exactly what He’s giving me.'” Carissa, MotherGenerations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0002.jpg Generations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0003.jpg


“There were a few years when my mother and I were estranged and having my daughter brought us back together. Eleanor is madly in love with her grandmother and vice versa. We now have a very sweet relationship that I am so thankful for. I will always treasure these pictures because they capture that special relationship we have. Taking the pictures was sweet because we just went through my house and did the things we normally do. We picked vegetables in the garden, read books, petted the dog, sat on the porch and played dress up.” Carissa, MotherGenerations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0004.jpg Generations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0005.jpg


“This was a personal project for me. I wanted to photograph two generations of motherhood, and Carissa and her mother were perfect for the project. They have a beautiful story of redemption and healing after loss in journey of motherhood.  Not all of us enter the motherhood journey easily. And then add to that fact, the weight of responsibilities and worries a mother experiences are never ending once she has entered that role. I love that I get to photograph the joy that comes in the midst of all the hardship.

I get to see a woman hold her long awaited gift with a full heart. I get to experience grandmothers pass on their wisdom and nurture to a whole new generation. I get to see apprehensive children come alive when being held by their mothers. Every time I photograph a mother, I have the privilege of seeing a woman using her God-given ability to offer comfort, instruction, affection, and praise to her little one. I think it’s a moment of reflection for me (and hopefully for every mother I photograph), a moment where I am just thankful… for life, for family, for Our Creator who brings hope and healing.” Rachel, PhotographerGenerations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0006.jpg Generations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0007.jpg Generations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0008.jpg Generations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0009.jpg Generations-Photography-by-Rachel-DeBell-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0010.jpg

Additional Vendors: Film Processed By: Goodman Film Lab

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