Embracing It All | Photography by Hannah Haston

June 1, 2018

Maternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0001.jpg“I was hesitant at first to have maternity photos taken because at the end of pregnancy, I wasn’t feeling the most photogenic. But to me, that’s what motherhood is. Embracing the imperfections and loving each and every moment. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding, challenging, beautiful, messy gifts. Each day is full of grace and each day I grow more and more. Sometimes I feel like we portray motherhood as this picture perfect dream, and it definitely has its dreamy moments. But to me, what’s so beautiful about motherhood is the sacrificial, selfless love that my heart desires to give to my little ones. It’s just in me to give them everything, as their mother I know that I will always love them no matter what. I’m so thankful I have these photos to remember the miracle that motherhood is. I love being able to remember how tiny both of my girls were. When I look at these photos, it reminds me just how precious life is. ” Leah, Expectant MotherMaternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0002.jpg Maternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0003.jpg


“I have always looked up to Leah as a fellow photographer and have always loved her work as well as her sincerity throughout her brand. When she reached out to me to photograph her and her family before their second child was born, I was almost in shock because I couldn’t believe she deemed me worthy to capture such an important time and for someone as talented as herself! Needless to say, despite my nerves, Leah and her family were so kind, gentle, and welcoming to me. I hardly used direction because they naturally possessed such a genuine and soft nature. My favorite part was the connection between Ava her little one, and the baby. She was so excited that she was going to be a big sister and it showed in such a quiet and sweet way. 

Photographing motherhood is fulfilling to me because it’s capturing moments that I look forward to experiencing one day. As a woman, I genuinely look forward to becoming a mom and as a photographer I love capturing those precious moments that I long for. There are few moments as intimate as a mother and her babe(s), husband too, and they capture so eloquently on camera.” Hannah, PhotographerMaternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0004.jpg Maternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0005.jpg Maternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0006.jpg Maternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0007.jpg Maternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0008.jpg Maternity-Photography-by-Hannah-Haston-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective-a-lifestyle-community-and-publication-devoted-to-the-art-of-being-a-mother_0009.jpg




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