Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Newborn Session | Photography by Lena Lim

July 27, 2020“My husband and I have been together for 7 years now and we always knew we both wanted to be parents, but we wanted to set ourselves up first to provide a stable home to our child. Becoming parents for us is not just about the miracle of bringing a new life into the world, but a celebration of our perseverance on everything we’ve been through to date. Being a mother to a girl in 2020 excites me so much, to welcome Ivy to a world which is beginning to collectively open its mind to challenging age old views, break down past barriers to diversity and equality, and create even better futures for generations to come. To me, motherhood is about raising a girl and woman to be a part of this part in history in a way that’s meaningful to her, and for me to nurture her strengths, passions and resilience to really flourish in her life.

Working with Lena we were able to capture beautiful moments not just with our baby Ivy, but Hugo our fur baby. It was really important to us for him to have a positive introduction to Ivy and he’s really risen to the challenge of being a big fur brother. Lena worked so beautifully with us all (including sleep deprived parents) to capture our full family and we’re so grateful for that.

Being four weeks into my motherhood journey there’s so much I’ll learn, and a lot of the learning will be from my daughter. Things that have surprised me so far include the power of preparation and mindset work in having a positive birth experience, how intuitive and intelligent newborns are, and how much motherhood is going to challenge and make me slow down and really enjoy the smaller moments, changing my expectations of what I should ‘achieve’ in a day.” Hayley, Mother




“A mother’s love is like no other, it is completely selfless and unconditional. Being able to capture such an emotional and precious connection between a mother and a little human that was formed inside her womb, is a joy to me. Motherhood is indeed a wondrous miracle.” Lena, Photographer

Additional Vendors: Mother’s dress | Maje
Hair and make up | Ann-Marie

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