Seattle, Washington Motherhood Session | Photography by Janet Lin

December 10, 2021

“We planned for this session to take at our home. Janet has done our photos for years and I thought it would be special to do them here every so often to watch as my kids grew. Having the images that Janet has taken through the years showing the change in our family and in our children, is priceless to me.  I am looking forward to having more images taken here through the upcoming years.

My kids have huge personalities and huge hearts, and seeing them turn into their own little people as they grow is something I cherish.  When Janet takes our family photos I feel like she captures the incredible little humans that they are. Janet captures the moments that they’re holding hands, laughing, and hugging my husband and me. To have those moments saved forever on film just means so much to
me.” Chantale, Mother



“I have been fortunate enough to photograph the Packard family for years, and what a gift it has been!  This year was special, as they recently built a home and chose to have their family photos taken there on their property. The significance of the session being at home though goes beyond the new build.  After having endured a long pandemic, the notion of home has taken on a completely new meaning for families like the Packard’s. A constant, a comfort, a safe haven when all else around us feels uncertain – home is where we find peace, unconditional love, and solace.

What a beautiful sentiment to relish in the gift of home, and all it represents for families, in a year like this.

It is really incredible the connection you feel after photographing a family for multiple years in a row.  Getting to witness the changes in the children as they grow, the dynamic between them and the sweet, tender moments that unfold during a family session, it’s all such a gift.  My children are similar in ages to Chantale’s little ones, and during our time together I always feel like my heart knows hers a little bit better; I feel the bittersweet sting of looking at them and realizing how quickly they’re growing up, and also recognize how significant those fleeting moments together are.

As a mother myself, I know there is absolutely nothing on earth like motherhood. The unconditional, unwavering love of a mother is one of a kind. When I’m snuggled up with my babies, or they rest their little hands in mine, I know the way my heart feels and that there are just not words powerful and magical and complicated enough to do it justice. I often feel that way – at a loss for words – when I try to describe the complex beauty that is motherhood, whether it’s my own journey or that of another. But when I’m given the opportunity to tell the story of motherhood through images, it feels complete.”  Janet, Photographer


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