Bay Area, California Motherhood Session | Photography by Kent Avenue

February 18, 2022

Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0001“I was so nervous to become a mom! The responsibility of raising a human while also maintaining my sense of self seemed so overwhelming. As I’ve become a mom, motherhood to me is about enjoying all of the moments, being present and engaged when with my son but also prioritizing time for myself and my partner.

It was so wonderful to work with Tara! We were able to truly spend the afternoon relaxing, getting to know one another and having her capture us in our element. Life moves so quickly and it’s so easy to forget all of the small, joyful moments and stages — we love that these photographs captured our everyday and the unique stage our son was at that day.

Being outside and in nature is so important and relaxing for our family. We love where we live and that it’s so easy to get away for a hike or picnic in such amazing scenery.” Emily, MotherBay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0002 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0003


” The bumps in the road throughout the last year and a half caused this session to be delayed several times. But oh my little Emmett, you were surely worth the wait!  This young family was such a joy to spend time with ~ and it was extra special being that this was their firstborn child.

This little one was all heart and wobbly knees. To see the way his mom and dad looked at him was absolutely everything! I am sure most would admit that firstborn kinda love is pretty unique. It was brilliantly apparent that they knew they knew this and were savoring each and every moment.

We met high in the hills that bright, sunny afternoon, eager to celebrate this little one who has brought such light and love to their family! Their warm smiles and kind demeanor made me so happy. We chatted about this rollercoaster-of-ride life has taken us on the past several months. We talked about human connection and priorities … and gratitude. It is these moments during Family sessions that remind me yet again, that we are all going through it together.

There wasn’t any over-the-top, elaborate plan that beautiful Bay Area day. My goal in fact was to rest in the simplicity. We walked out to the hilltop, enjoying that picturesque view before us. That occasional warm breeze made it that much more enjoyable. I handed a large, linen blanket to Dad who unfolded it on the grass beneath that large, stately oak. They sat together, arms and legs and hearts intertwined, talking to little Emmett and laughing together. His gentle expressions were just the sweetest.Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0004

These bright spots light the way for me. The gift of conversation and sharing. The gift of being able to get to know your family and capture these moments along the way. My goal is always to provide you with not only a relaxed afternoon to each other but a tangible reminder of the absolutely, incredible love your share. It’s the most beautiful story, if you ask me. Because it is all yours.

I love everything about photographing motherhood. This opportunity to work with so many kind, strong, selfless women is never lost on me. I am constantly amazed at how Mothers manage to do it all. Nurturing and guiding these young souls is an enormous task .. and having the privilege of witnessing mothers dance this dance moves me to my core. I am inspired on such deep level every single time.

My goal is always to give mothers a tangible piece of this love that I see and experience when we spend time together. Their love is blinding.” Tara, PhotographerBay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0005 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0006 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0007 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0008 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0009 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0010 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0011 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0012 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0013 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0014 Bay-Area-California-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Kent-Avenue-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0015

Additional Vendors: Film Processed and Scanned | Richard Photo Lab
Mother’s Dress | Anthropologie

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