Seattle, Washington Motherhood Session | With photography by Janet Lin

April 7, 2022

 Seattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0001.jpg“Having these photos taken with my daughter was a truly special experience. Violet is my first child, and I didn’t realize how much she would change in such a short amount of time. At 6 months old, I just wanted to bottle up how precious and perfect she is in the moment. I also wanted to have some special memories of the two of us captured for her to have when she is older. I have so few photos as a little one with my mother, because she never wanted to be in front of the camera. I found myself repeating that pattern in Violet’s first few months. I didn’t feel like myself postpartum, and certainly not camera ready. But when it dawned on me how much I wished I had more photos with my own mother, and how I always thought she was so beautiful even though she didn’t want to be in front of the lens, I knew I had to put my insecurities aside, and I am so glad I did! Janet did an amazing job capturing these images, and the real beauty that shines through is the love between my daughter and I that she was able to capture.

To me, being a mother is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Before having my daughter, I never identified as being particularly maternal, but I did know I wanted children. I was nervous to become a mother, and was in no rush to start the process. However in 2017, I lost my own beloved mother to ovarian cancer, and in the years that followed, the void that was left was immeasurable. The mother-daughter relationship we shared was the largest presence in my life, and without it I felt untethered. Eventually, I put my fears about motherhood aside, and had my daughter. Now, the bond that I have with her has helped to fill the void that existed without my own mother. This experience has made me see that motherhood is so much more than the everyday tasks and responsibilities that I used to fear. To me, motherhood is a safe space created by the bond between mother and child. The all-consuming pure love is a grounding force. And even in the challenging times, where I question myself and wonder if I am doing it right, I find peace and comfort in my moments with her. Our bond is my safe space and happy place. To me, that is motherhood.” Jenna, MotherSeattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0002.jpg Seattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0003.jpg


“I had the pleasure of working with Jenna on a wedding I photographed last year.  She is a wedding planner and I felt like we connected during that first meeting over our shared experiences as mothers.  I was thrilled that she allowed me the opportunity to create these photographs of her and her daughter. Each time I’m invited to photograph motherhood, at whatever stage, I feel the depth of the responsibility deep in my soul.  I know how hard it is as a mother to get in front of the camera with your kids. I also know how fleeting these cherished moments with our children are; how they grow and change in an instant.  We celebrate each new stage and the gift it is to watch them grow, but we also feel the bittersweet sting of change, wishing we could keep them little for just a bit longer. When I’m invited into someone’s safe space, given the privilege of witnessing their love and connection with their children, it feels like a gift.” Janet, PhotographerSeattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0004.jpg Seattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0005.jpg Seattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0006.jpg Seattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0007.jpg Seattle-Washington-Motherhood-Session-with-photography-by-Janet-Lin-Photography-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0008.jpg


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