Pleasonton, California Newborn Session | With Photography by Lilac and Vine

June 9, 2023

Bay-Area-California-Newborn-Session-with-photography-by-Lilac-and-Vine-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0001“Imagine making the hard decision to leave a familiar community to move cross country to be closer to your sister’s family, the only people you would know in a new city, and having a baby amid all that transition. This family did just that and were so full of grace through it all. There were trials and difficulties to be sure, but the couple was firmly committed to what mattered the most to them – family.

Mom and I chatted on the phone prior to our session to discuss lighting, outfits, and other details. Without so many words, we knew we were aligned in our vision of a clean and classic palette. The goal was to create timeless portraits that will be enjoyed again and again. We opted for no frills — just a simple bow headband for baby girl and a white muslin swaddle. We didn’t want anything to detract from the beauty of their love for one another and the reverence of this special time in their lives when they clung closely to each other.

Whenever a gallery is culled, edited, and ready to be sent out, I know I’ve succeeded when I smile, imagining what it will be like for my clients to receive their photos. I think of them scrolling through the gallery repeatedly, taking in each scene and detail. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these photos display a tender story, one that will be told many times over in their family in the years to come.Bay-Area-California-Newborn-Session-with-photography-by-Lilac-and-Vine-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0002 Bay-Area-California-Newborn-Session-with-photography-by-Lilac-and-Vine-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0003


Motherhood is a high calling. It does not come with much acclaim, but instead, countless sacrifices. I want to honor these beautiful ladies and give them one of the best gifts they can receive — their love and care displayed in tangible form.” Sanny, PhotographerBay-Area-California-Newborn-Session-with-photography-by-Lilac-and-Vine-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0004 Bay-Area-California-Newborn-Session-with-photography-by-Lilac-and-Vine-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0005 Bay-Area-California-Newborn-Session-with-photography-by-Lilac-and-Vine-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0007 Bay-Area-California-Newborn-Session-with-photography-by-Lilac-and-Vine-and-featured-on-The-Fount-Collective_0006


Additional Vendors:  Film Processed by | Richard Photo Lab
Mom’s Dress | Lost & Wander

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